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Book Review: Intrepid

Title: Intrepid

Author: Keri Lake

Rating: 4 stars


Set in the backdrop of a bleak Detroit, in the Vigilante world comes a dark tale of murder, revenge and romance. Sera is a Criminal Justice student who has moved out to Detroit to get away from her father. During a night out at a party with her roommates at an abandoned building she meets Ty, while getting some ‘air’.


Ty is an enigma and Sera is intrigued by him and they spend some time together. She is cautious at first but can’t fight the attraction she feels. But as more information is revealed it becomes apparent that Ty is hiding something big and his true intentions are questioned.


A passion is shared by Ty and Sera and they find that their pasts are uniquely linked. This is definitely a dark romance filled with mystery and heat. It is twisted and challenges your perceptions. If you have read Ricochet and Backfire, this is a must read.


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