Book Reviews

Book Review: Tempt the Playboy

Title: Tempt the Playboy

Author: Natasha Madison

Rating: 3.5 stars


The book follows on from Tempt the Boss and follows the same story timeline. Therefore it’s better to have read Tempt the Boss unless you want major spoilers. This book details the story of Noah and Kaleigh. Noah is the best friend of Austin and Kaleigh is Lauren’s younger sister both introduced in the first book. And after that ending I knew I wanted to read about how it came about.


Noah is a playboy and doesn’t really do commitment. But that changes when he meets Kaleigh. He has met his match and things get interesting as she never sleeps with the same guy twice. They have great chemistry  and Noah is left wanting more. But Kaleigh just wants to be friends… until she can’t anymore.


Both are new to relationships that comes with unexpected challenges. But I didn’t like the book as much as I wanted to. The story wasn’t anything special but overall it was an entertaining enough read.


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