Book Reviews

Book Review: Outnumbered

Title: Outnumbered

Author: Shay Savage

Rating: 4.5 stars


This book was unique and enthralling and unlike anything I have ever read before. The book is filled with many surprises, twists and turns.


Bishop has isolated himself, alone in the woods and lives completely off the grid. On a trip to get supplies for the upcoming winter. There he meets a girl names Seri. She shows up out of nowhere and is in need of help. He can’t leave her out in the cold, but he is unsure of what to do with her. But ultimately he takes her back to his cabin and cares for her.


As Seri makes her self at home, some unexpected circumstances start to transform. Bishop and Seri start to form a friendship and then passion, they find a peace cohabiting together. But nothing is quite as it seams and you are taken on wonderful journey.


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