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Book Review: Love at Last

Title: Love at Last

Author: Claudia Connor

Rating: 4 stars


Clare is left blindsided on her wedding day when the man she is about to marry tells her he is in love with someone else. She is left reeling and decides to go on her honeymoon trip alone to process everything that’s happened. She can’t help but notice all the couples and tries to enjoy herself as best as she can.


Meanwhile she meets Deacon, who is there on business. Their meeting sparks a connection and make the most of their time together. Both feel more than they let on but restrict themselves to talking about the ‘here and now’ but their time together comes to an abrupt halt due to circumstances out of their control.


Deacon’s departure only adds to Clare’s feelings on insecurity. Deacon left a note but she didn’t receive it which makes her wonder if her feelings were one sided. But it’s time for her to get back to her life.


Deacon is also juggling life with his young twin daughters, Maci and Margo and work as a veterinarian. No matter what though, Deacon can’t stop thinking about his time with Clare and decides to hire someone to help find her. After a little bit of times passes they unexpectedly reconnect. But they are both in for a bit of a surprise. These two reconnect but can they make a relationship work?


I really enjoyed this book and I love Claudia Connor. All her books are a delight to read.




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