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Book Review: Fighting Solitude

Title: Fighting Solitude

Author: Aly Martinez

Rating: 4 stars


I love the Page brothers and have been waiting for Quarry’s story. He is the youngest of the Page brothers and it has been great getting to watch him grow up throughout the series.


Quarry Page hasn’t had it easy, none of the Page brothers have. But he has his brothers and his best friend Liv. When Quarry lost someone important to him Liv was there for him. But she has always been more than just a friend, even if they were both blind to the fact.


“Liv James had never just been my best friend. No matter what I’d told myself.”


Liv and Quarry were always meant to be together even if it did take them a long time to get there. It was interesting to see when they really started to recognize their feelings and how they dealt with everything.


“This doesn’t change. It’s you and me to the core. I’m not going anywhere and neither are you. If it happens to you, it happens to me, remember. And this is definitely happening to us. Please don’t fight it.”


Quarry and Liv were amazing together. They care deeply for each other and are always looking out for the other. Plus there was an amazing awry of supporting characters. Till, Eliza, Flint, Ash were all amazing and offered so much support. Fighting Solitude was a great conclusion to a wonderful series.


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