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Book Review: Fighting Silence

Title: Fighting Silence

Author: Aly Martinez

Rating: 5 stars


I am a big fan of Aly Martinez and this book has been on my TBR for a while. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to read it, but I am on a mission this year to read all of her books. Aly is such an amazing writer and this book was no exception.


Till Page and Eliza Reynolds both have home lives that were less than Ideal. When they were thirteen years old, they develop a friendship meeting an old abandoned building that acts as a refuge. It’s somewhere they can go to get away from their lives.


As these two get older, things start to change. Their friendship starts to grow to feelings of love. But Eliza is moving away to attend the local college and Till is left raising his two younger brothers when their mother skips town. Everything is changing and while their feelings for each other remain the same, Till especially is scared of losing Eliza if they become more. But as time passes they can’t help but become more.


Till is a fighter, he fights for his brothers, he fights in the boxing ring and now he is fighting for his hearing. He has a genetic condition that means he is slowly losing his hearing. But thank goodness he has Eliza as she is somewhere that is always there for him and his brothers.


“You always say that you love me, but you have given me so much more. And because of that, I will spend a lifetime fighting to give you the world.”


This was such a beautiful book. It’s about friendship, the importance of family and always being there for each other even in the tough times. The book was filled with drama, love and a bit of suspense and engaging at all times.


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