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Book Review: Never Seduce a Scot

Title: Never Seduce a Scot

Author: Maya Banks

Rating: 4.75 stars


Eveline Armstrong lost her hearing after an accident involving a horse. Even though Eveline taught herself how to read lips and has an understanding of what people are saying, she pretends to be ‘daft’ and refused to speak in order to avoid being forced to marry a man whom she considers abusive. Instead, she ends up being forced into a marriage to the Laird of the enemy clan, as decreed by the King.


Graeme Montgomery is intrigued by his intended bride. He doesn’t want to take advantage of her as he isn’t sure of what her mental capacity is. But there is an intelligence in her eyes and understanding. Meanwhile Eveline is also drawn to her intended husband for when he speaks she can hear the vibrations of his voice and this fascinates her.


They get married and Eveline joins Graeme and his clan. Eveline finds herself in unfamiliar territory amongst people who don’t like her due to her family name. But she makes the most of her situation and grows closer to Graeme. Graeme is strong and burly warrior but also has a very big heart.


Eveline finds her voice and she finds love and acceptance with Graeme. I loved watching their romance blossom as all misunderstanding become understood. Overall this was a beautiful story and I loved the historical setting.


“I love you, Evangeline,” he whispered, though he knew she could not hear him. “Somehow, I’ll make you hear me and you’ll know that I love you as fiercely as it’s possible for a man to love a woman.”



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