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Book Review: The Definition of Fflur

Title: The Definition of Fflur

Author: E.S. Carter

Rating: 5 stars


Fflur’s happy home life is shattered at the age of twelve when her parents get divorced. She struggles with the changes and feels her mother’s betrayal keenly. Her brother Rhys is particularly angry. After a while they finally start to accept that they now have two families.


Fflur and Galen were complete opposites to each other but end up forming a close bond and friendship. Fflur is quirky and often tells her secrets to her flowers, which she loves (and not just because of her name). Galen is into music and is quite popular at school. Even so these two become really close.


But soon their friendship develops into something much more than they expected. Circumstances are even more complicated than just being step-siblings than first perceived and they are forced apart. But being family they inevitably see each other again.


This book was beautiful and unique telling a story of friendship, family, first love, forgiveness and acceptance and how to deal with the changes of life. This was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed this unique story.



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