Book Reviews

Book Review: Chaser

Title: Chaser

Author: Kylie Scott

Rating: 3.75 stars


I didn’t particularly like the last book in the Dive Bar series, Twist. It just didn’t do it for me but I was still interested in finding out more about Eric’s story.


Eric’s friends have been really hard on him lately, telling him he is irresponsible and has nothing but women on his mind. But he has been thinking lately that he wants to be more responsible and take things more seriously especially after he and Nell lost their baby.


His new revelation may or may not have something to do with a young woman who walks into the bar.  Jean is single, pregnant and moves to Coer d’Alene for fresh start after talking to Nell online since she is pregnant as well. Eric is attracted to Jean but is conflicted about the baby.


An attraction between the two grows and Eric starts spending more time with her and her newborn daughter Ada. Eric goes through a lot of change throughout the novel and grows as a person. He finds a connection with someone else and really strives to be a better man.


However, I did feel that Eric and Jean could have communicated their feelings for one another more as I wanted to see more of their connection. I think getting Jean’s perspective would have added to this overall effect.




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