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Book Review: Birthday Girl

Title: Birthday Girl

Author: Penelope Douglas

Rating: 5 stars


This book was so addicting and I couldn’t put it down. Jordan is a strong and independent woman. she is only nineteen and such a hard worker. While her boyfriend Cole is not. He gets them into a tough spot where they end up moving in with Cole’s father, Pike Lawson.


Pike is 38 and a great man. He wants to help out his son, so he lets him and his girlfriend live with him. The sparks fly between Pike and Jordan and very reluctantly at that. There is so much going on between these two and the chemistry is insane. But Jordan is his son’s girlfriend so nothing can happen.


I love a good forbidden and taboo romance story. This was definitely a slow burn romance, mainly due to the situation they found themselves in fighting their attraction and then figuring out how a relationship may work. I have read a few books by Penelope Douglas but I definitely have to read more.




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