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Book Review: The Birthday List

Title: The Birthday List

Author: Devney Perry

Rating: 4.5 stars


This a moving, emotional and romantic read. I was drawn in to Poppy’s story straight away and I loved it form beginning to end.


Poppy married her college sweetheart Jamie, but tragically he died within the first year of their marriage. It has now been five years and Poppy is still grieving the loss of her husband. Things have been hard but she is finally willing to move forward. Things are starting to change now that she is going through Jamie’s Birthday List.


Jamie was a fun loving guy and had this idea to create a Birthday List. For each Birthday, he has something big that he wanted to do. Unfortunately he never got to check the items off the list. Poppy is determined to honour Jamie’s memory and complete the list for him. She hopes that this will allow her to move on with her life.


“I wanted to do this for Jamie and let it go. Every day, I was getting stronger. I was getting back on my feet. I was starting to live again – for me. And until the list was done, I’d still be living for Jamie.”


Cole Goodman is the police officer who had the task of informing Poppy of Jamie’s death. Although it has been years, he never forgot her. Cole and Poppy run into each other while she is completing something from her list. Poppy ends up telling Cole about her list and he offers to help her.


Cole is such a great guy. He has a huge heart and was always patient with Poppy. He gets what she has been through and always offers his support. Cole never wanted to replace Jamie’s memory and Poppy showed so much strength by doing the list.


These two had so much chemistry and they made a great couple and I adored them together. This story was really beautiful. It wasn’t an ugly-cry story but it was still highly emotional. Devney is such a great author and her writing always astounds me. I am always looking forward to what this author writes next.



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