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Book Review: Smiling Irish

Title: Smiling Irish

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 4 stars


This is the second book in the Summerhaven Trio following the lives of Irish Triplets. This is Tierney’s story, the only girl among the three. Tierney is sweet, sassy and shy and definitely holds her own, especially with two protective brothers.


On a dark and stormy night… Burr disrupts Tierney’s quiet life and barges right into her life. Burr is on the run for something and ends up getting lost due to the storm, finding himself at Tierney’s house. Not all is as it seams with Burr and Tierney finds herself attracted to the stranger.


When Burr discovers that Tierney might be in danger due to an association with him he comes back in order to protect her. But there is something undeniable between them but their are secrets that need to be sorted out first. I enjoyed Burr and Tierney’s relationship, they were very different but complimented each other well.


I am really looking forward to reading Ian and Hallie’s story next.



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