Book Reviews

Book Review: Until Brandon

Title: Until Brandon

Author: Natasha Madison

Rating: 4 stars


I have been a big fan of Aurora Rose Reynolds’s Until series, so this collection of stories really excited me. I have read Natasha Madison before, so I knew I wanted to read this. We first meet Brandon in Second Chance Holiday who is November’s step-brother. Here comes the BOOM.


Aurora comes looking for a job where she meets Brandon. Upon first seeing Aurora he feels the Boom that his family has talked about. So he gives her a job in the office. Aurora is the guardian for her younger sister, Cassie since their parents were killed so she is very thankful for the job. Only she wasn’t expecting Brandon as part of the deal.


Brandon and Aurora have a very sweet romance. I like how Brandon really takes care of things and his care for both Aurora and Cassie. It was great getting to catch up with some much loved characters.



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