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Book Review: Before I Ever Met You

Title: Before I Ever Met You

Author: Karina Halle

Rating: 4 stars


Jackie has been through a lot in the past seven years but she is back home for a fresh start with her seven year old son, Ty. Jackie has moved in with her parents temporarily so she can get back on her feet. Jackie starts a new job at her fathers company as the assistant to her dad’s partner, Will McAlister. She hasn’t seen Will in about ten years but now she is 25.


Will is recently divorced and has moved back to his hometown, Vancouver. His spent his time with his ex running the LA office but his back now. His partner insists that he get an assistant but he wasn’t expecting Jackie. Jackie is much different then he remembers. He can’t help but feel attracted to her and the same goes for her.


Jackie and Will start an office romance but they keep it a secret due to many reasons. Will is the perfect gentleman and gets along will with Ty. He is the sort of guy that Jackie needs. These two had great chemistry. I loved the forbidden aspect of their romance and the age difference was delicious. Overall it was a sweet and swoon worthy romance.


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