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Book Review: The Swedish Prince

Title: The Swedish Prince

Author: Karina Halle

Rating: 4.5 stars


Maggie was a student at NYU, living her dream, until her entire life is turned upside down. Now she is back home in small town California raising her five younger siblings after her parents are murdered. She works hard to provide for her family working as a maid in a hotel. It is at work where she runs into a handsome stranger who she ends up helping out in a difficult situation. But this handsome stranger turns out to be a prince.


Viktor is The Crown Prince of Sweden but after experiencing some loss of his own he comes to America just to be himself. When he meets Maggie, he is just a man and not a prince and the feeling is amazing. They end up spending some time together and start to fall for one another.


“I don’t believe in love at first sight, in soul mates, in happily ever afters. But with Viktor…he makes my soul feel brand new. Not something tired and weathered and trampled upon. I feel as if just being with him has scraped off all the rust, letting a part of me, all of me, shine. Maybe for the first time he’s helped me discover who I really am.”


But how can a relationship between the two of them work. She is a housekeeper, guardian to her siblings and he is a Prince. It seems impossible but you just want to watch them make it work.


“How could you love someone after a week? It didn’t seem possible. And yet I knew if I even tried to pretend that I didn’t feel this way, if I tried to ignore the pain in my heart, the depth of my feelings for him, that I would be hurting him in some way.”


Maggie and Viktor have both been through so much loss and share many similarities despite the differences in their stations. They have such chemistry together and make a great couple. This was such a sweet and heartfelt romance. I liked seeing some similarities to Roman Holiday as it is a favourite movie of mine only this one has a happier ending.



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