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Book Review: The Boy & His Ribbon

Title: The Boy & His Ribbon

Author: Pepper Winters

Rating: 5 stars


This is the installment in the ribbon duet and what an emotional roller coaster it was. The book was beautiful, heartfelt, heartbreaking and so entirely unique. It follows a story about a young boy escaping terrible circumstances who winds up taking care of a girl. This is there journey.


Ren was sold into slavery by his mother as an eight-year-old-boy. He was branded and endured horrific living conditions along with many other children, held captive by the Mclarys. He planned and plotted his escape and scrounged what he could in terms of food and supplies. Ren grabbed his backpack and ran. He felt his backpack felt heavy, because inside was the Mclary’s infant daughter, Della clutching a blue ribbon.


What follows is a recounting of their journey. Ren was at first was quite resentful of Della as she made things twice as difficult for him but he grows to love her. He discovers the depth of his feelings when he leaves her with a family who should have offered her all the advantages he couldn’t provide for her. So when he discovers they are going to turn her over to Social Services, he rescues her, taking her back.


They become good at stealing what they need from small communities and surviving in the woods. But winter is a particularly hard time and they must come up with a more permanent solution. Along their journey there are many twists and turns and we are introduced to a kind family that help house Ren and Della to offer the chance for Della to go to school.


The relationship between Ren and Della is layered and multi-faceted. These two are really close as most of the time they have only had each other for company. But as they grow older their feelings start to change and develop in different ways.


I can’t wait to read the rest of Ren and Della’s story as I have become so invested in this book. You watch the charters go through so much pain but you also see their strength. their relationship is complicated so I can’t wait to see where it goes.


Pepper Winters delivers an amazing story that is unlike anything I have ever read before. The story doesn’t play it safe but you will know this if you have read Winters before. It pushes the boundaries but in all the good ways. June cannot come soon enough.



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