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Book Review: Two Wedding Crashers

Title: Two Wedding Crashers

Author: Meghan Quinn

Rating: 4 stars


We previously met Beck Wilder aka The Rebel in Three Blind Dates. He was definitely a character I wanted to know more and I was very happy when he was to get hos own book.


Beck has been in a bit of a dating slump and has agreed to go with his best friends to Key West to crash a wedding. On the plane he becomes intrigued with the young women on her laptop, sitting in front of him, typing furiously. He is more surprised to find the same women in his hotel room.


Rylee Ryan is a successful romance writer but she is currently suffering from the dreaded writers block. So she is convinced by her friends to come to Key West to crash a wedding. She wasn’t expecting anything to happen on the trip but after an embarrassing encounter with Beck, she gets to know him better.


There is no denying the sparks flying between them and as it turns out they plan on crashing the same wedding. So why not enjoy it together. They become fast friends with the time they spend together. They have a lot of fun together, telling embarrassing stories about how they met to the unsuspecting public.


There is a growing attraction between the two but Rylee especially is reluctant for anything more to happen as she knows once she haves him, it will be it for her. But it is impossible because they live on other sides of the country. Or is it?


This book great fun and a humorous read like all books by Meghan Quinn. But it also touched on some more serious subjects as well that was balanced perfectly. I am also really looking forward to reading Hayden’s story.



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