Book Reviews

Book Review: Unveiled

Title: Unveiled

Author: Noelle Adams

Rating: 4 stars


Timothy is a widower with a young and adorable daughter and Madison was friends with the couple and mourned the loss. It has been two years since she died and Madison has become an integral part of Timothy and his daughter Jenny’s life.


They drive up together (for convenience) to a mutual friends wedding. Madison has always had feelings for Timothy but has never known how to broach the topic with him, especially after the death of his wife. Timothy, similarly has feelings for Madison but doesn’t know how to show her he cares for her as more than a friend.


At this wedding, they become braver and finally tell each other how they feel. They are hesitant at first as they don’t want to ruin their friendship but they can’t deny what they feel for each other.


Overall, this was an enjoyable, short and sweet series that was heavy on the romance and happy endings. This is something Noelle Adams does very well.




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