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Book Review: Until Harmony

Title: Until Harmony

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Rating: 4 stars


Harmony Mayson is moving back to Tennessee after getting a job as a nurse at the hospital there. Her twin sister Willow is the wild and free twin while she is more conservative and plays it safe. Everything in her life is planned, even her career. Her goal is to work her way up to a position in the ER.


Harlen MacCabe is a biker and works at an auto shop. He lost both his parents when he was 15 and cherishes those who are important to him. He met Harmony through a mutual acquaintance and felt a connection with her. When he learns that she is moving to his town he takes this opportunity to know her better.


Harmony and Harlen begin spending time together and at first Harmony thinks that he just wants to be friends. But it soon turns into so much more.


I really enjoy this series as you get to catch up with so many well-loved characters. I loved Nico and Sophie’s story and it was great getting to see them older with grown up children.



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