Book Reviews

Book Review: Fighting Irish

Title: Fighting Irish

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 3.75


The Havens own and run the Summerhaven Resort and Camp. Rory and his siblings worked at the summer camp when they were young and the main rule was they were not to fraternize with the campers. although Rory abided by this rule, it didn’t stop him from crushing on Brittany Manion.


Several years later, Rory is the one running Summerhaven stepping in to help when his parents weren’t able to any more despite wanting to branch out on his own. I love the trio of siblings and how close they were. They definitely share a special bond being triplets.


Despite coming from money, Brittany felt like she didn’t fit anywhere. That’s why when planning her wedding she chooses Summerhaven, a place where she felt like she belonged and felt happy. Of course she runs into Rory, who she has had a bit of crush on.


These two reconnect and find their way to each other. They build a friendship and find in each other what they want for their future. I love these characters and the ending was cute, I am also especially excited for Tierney and Burr’s story after that sneak peak.




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