Book Reviews

Book Review: Beloved

Title: Beloved

Author: Corinne Michaels

Rating: 4 stars


I have read all of Corinne’s other books but for some reason I haven’t read this duet yet. I first started with the Consolation Duet so I was familiar with Jackson and Catherine’s characters and have their story has always been on my TBR.


Catherine Pope has had terrible luck with men recently, it started with her with father leaving and then her cheating ex. She’s not looking for anyone else to just leave her. Then she literally falls for Jackson Cole (or at least falls in his lap. Jackson was a Navy SEAL and now running s successful business. Jackson and Catherine have chemistry from the moment they meet and as much as Catherine doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again, Jackson is irresistible to her.


Jackson and Catherine were great characters but they still have a lot to work through with their relationship. And with that ending I have to read the next book right away.



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