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Book Review: Remember Me When

Title: Remember Me When

Author: Brooke Blaine

Rating: 4.5 stars


In this story we get to see Ollie and Reid discover each other all over again as they fight past all the obstacles in the way.


Reid has just woken up from his surgery and he doesn’t remember Ollie. He gets all his memory back until just before his accident. Ollie is heartbroken by this news and hoped that he would regain his memory. But it has been three months and Reid still doesn’t remember them falling in love.


Reid’s mother is worried about her son. He seems unhappy and angry which is very unlike him. She doesn’t know what to do so she asks Ollie to be his friend again, as he was so happy following the weeks after his accident.


It is tough watching Ollie interacting with Reid when he doesn’t remember him. But Reid finds it natural to talk to Ollie and things once again change in their relationship and we get to see them fall for each other all over again.


“My heart melted a little as I realized I’d fallen in love with the most incredible person I’d ever met—a person that just so happened to be a man. And what was more? I fucking loved it. I loved the way my body caught fire every time he was near, and I loved the way he loved me with every fiber of his being. That’s just who Ollie was: someone who loved completely. And somehow, against all odds, it was me he’d chosen to give himself to. And I planned to choose him back, again and again, every day for the rest of our lives.”


This was a great conclusion to Ollie and Reid’s story and it was thoroughly enjoyable. These two were great together and was great watching them fall in love twice- showing that these two are meant to be together.




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