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Book Review: Hidden Seams

Title: Hidden Seams

Author: Alessandra Torre

Rating: 4 stars


Hidden Seams is a unique, interesting and passionate read. It delivers something different than your usual romance.


Marco has being putting on a charade to help out his friend by living the life of a gay man. But when Vince Horace dies, a very wealthy fashion designer, Marco has to come across many tough decisions. One thing that has the possiblity to disrupt the life he knows is the meeting of Avery.


Avery has just come across some news that might lead her to the identity of her father. This leads her into the path of Marco. Something explosive happens when these two meet but everything gets complicated when Avery’s real reason for coming to New York gets discovered.


“A man like this will make every other man, every other kiss, and every other love, seem weak in comparison.”


I enjoyed watching Avery and Marco’s relationship develop as they navigate all the complications of the situation they find themselves in. The epilogue was especially rewarding and really made me happy. The book was unique and different and I really enjoyed it. There were many moments that were unexpected that made the story something special.


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