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Book Review: The Rose Garden

Title: The Rose Garden

Author: Susana Kearsley

Rating: 4 stars


Eva Ward’s sister has just died and she returns to Cornwall to scatter her ashes, to the place they had spent their happy childhood, Trelowarth House. Eva is reunited with her friends, Mark and his sister Susan (along with their step-mother Claire) who are in charge of the house and gardens.


Eva experiences a series of strange events including hearing voices and having hallucinations. She at first attributes this to grief and stress of the recent loss of her sister. But it soon becomes apparent that everything she is experiencing is real and she finds herself 300 years in the past- moving back and forth through time.


In 1715 she meets Daniel butler who is the owner of Trelowarth House. She also meets his brother Jack and his Irish friend Fergal. Daniel is a free-trader or a smuggler according to the law. The 1715 Jacobite Uprising was not limited to Scotland, James Stuart having many supporters in Cornwall. And Daniel is caught up in all the intrigue.


Eva doesn’t have a say when she travels through time and when she is in the present she researches the past to find out more about the Butlers. However when she does find herself in the past she can’t help but be drawn to Daniel and he to her.


I see the influences of Daphne Du Maurier in her writing and the setting of the book. This is my first book by this author and it won’t be my last. I did enjoy the story and the writing and I liked the historical element. There were things I wan’t expecting and that’s something that I really like.


I didn’t always feel the connection between Daniel and Eva, as I felt her traveling through time did hinder their relationship a bit but overall it was enjoyable read.




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