Book Reviews

Book Review: Gentleman Nine

Title: Gentleman Nine

Author: Penelope Ward

Rating: 4 stars


Amber has just gotten her heart broken by the guy she thought she could trust. She has great job and friends but she is in the process of putting her life back together when she gets a call from an old friend wanting to rent her spare room while he has contract work in Boston. Channing was her best-friends older brother and best-friends with her ex Rory (at least while they were still in high-school).


Amber has always had a crush on Channing but things worked out differently for them. They’ve known each other since they were kids and they have a long history. Channing has always liked Amber and has valued her friendship. Channing started to develop feelings for her but so did his best-friend Rory. So they made a pact and she was off-limits. But Channing goes away for college and Rory broke the pact and got the girl.


While Channing is staying with Amber he wants to be there for her as her friend. But then he stumbles upon something accidentally that changes things in their relationship dynamic. There is a lot going on in this book and not everything is cut and dry. I did really like this book but I didn’t love it.




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