Book Reviews

Book Review: Big Little Lies

Title: Big Little Lies

Author: Liane Moriarty

Rating: 4  stars


The story focuses on the lives of three very different women. They all have children entering Kindergarten in the same year. They all live very different lives but end up being more connected in ways they don’t even realise at first. There’s are murder that you are informed of that happened at the trivia night, you don’t know who died or who did it. The story leads up to this incident and are given insight into how simple events, escalated into something much larger.


There are many perspectives on the same event, that was really interesting. The story is filled with a lot of drama, mystery, some funny moments, some serious moments and many twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.


However, I did find myself getting frustrated many times during the story. A lot of the time I found some of the problems to be shallow. But overall, it was a good read that kept me intrigued the whole way through.


I did want to read the book before I saw the TV series- which I can say that I liked. I thought that the book did some things better and the TV series did some things better (although the TV series didn’t frustrate me as much as the book) they were both good.



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