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Book Review: Kissing the Boss

Title: Kissing the Boss

Author: Linda Kage

Rating: 5 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


Kissing the Boss is the second installment from the Fairy Tale Quartet. This is based on Cinderella featuring Ezra Nash, Isobel’s brother from book one. It was great getting to see Ezra again plus Isobel and Shaw were there as well. I love a good re-imagining of Cinderella and is one of my favourites of the trope.


Kaitlynn lost her mother when she was very young and when her dad married Lana Judge, a cold hearted lady who takes an instant disliking to Kaitlynn. After her father passes away unexpectedly, she is left with her stepmother only to be left with nothing. Still wanting to be a part of her father’s company that was meant to be her legacy, she takes an unpaid internship, only to be exploited by the Co-CEO Lana.


She has a good relationship with one of her step-brothers Brick and he persuades her to come to the company Halloween party with him. He is there for her when he finds out how his mother has been treating her and he offers her a paying job under the section he runs.


At the party she has a very interesting encounter with a guy in a Halloween costume picked out by his sister after losing a bet (we all know who this is if you’ve read the first book). They share some very intense moments of passion but they also seem to connect on a deeper level as well. But Kaitlynn then discovers that they guy she was talking to was Ezra Nash, the Co-CEO.


Kaitlynn is reluctant to tell him who she is, but Ezra doesn’t really give her a choice as he is determined to find out who she is. Thus ensues the beginning of a very sweet love story. Ezra and Kaitlynn are at first very clandestine about their budding relationship but it soon becomes apparent that they can’t hide their feelings in-front of other people.


Overall I loved this story. Kaitlynn was a great character and I loved how she was determined to get her father’s company back. Ezra was sweet and funny but also very real. Both Kaitlynn and Ezra have experienced tragedies in their past but they are able to be strong for each other.


I loved the fairytale aspects of the story and I can’t wait for the rest of the books in the series. Linda Kage is one of my favourite authors and she doesn’t disappoint with her newest release.



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