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Book Review: Where I Belong

Title: Where I Belong

Author: Claudia Connor

Rating: 4.5 stars


Where I Belong is a sweet, short story filled with a lovely summer romance and some great characters.


Charlotte is on holiday on her own in Florida. Her father was meant to join her but he got caught up in work. Charlotte doesn’t usually take time off, instead she is caught up with her busy life in New York, working in finance. On one particular attempt to relax by the pool with her book, she is interrupted by a curious boy who wants to play.


Soon this curious boy, Kyle is joined by his very good-looking and very much single uncle, Owen. Owen is enraptured by the pretty blonde. Owen takes his family time seriously and when he can get away from his construction business he likes to spend time vacationing with his family.


When his nephew includes Charlotte in their family activities, he couldn’t be happier as he wants to get to know her better. Charlotte and Owen go on a couple of dates and start a whirlwind romance. But they also live on other sides of the country.


I haven’t read anything in the Titan series, but I love Claudia Connor so I knew I had to read this. This was a beautiful romance filled with a lot of depth and emotions and even though it was short the story felt fully fetched out.


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