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Book Review: Reckless

Title: Reckless

Author: Lex Martin

Rating: 4 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


Tori is Kat’s sister from Shameless who I enjoyed meeting again in her own story.


Tori is having a break from all men. Her past record with heartbreak has done her in. Her last relationship just hurt so bad. So when her sister comes to visit with an offer to get out of town and live by her, while being the nanny to a good friend and neighbor. So she packs up to head to the country to be with her sister during her pregnancy.


Ethan is going through a very messy divorce and he needs something to look after his two kids while he runs his ranch and horse cutting business. His mother has been looking after Mila and Cody but she is heading to Chicago to look after her sister so he is in a bit of a situation.


He has got a recommendation from his friend Brady for his sister in law but the two butt heads when they meet. But once they’ve had time to thinks things over they become a team. Plus Mila and Cody have really taken a liking to Tori, so it settled that Tori is staying for the short term.


These two start acting like a team and grow closer as they get to know each other better. But things start to get more serious as they develop feelings for each other. Tori is weary at the beginning as the last man she was with couldn’t be trusted and she doesn’t want to put her heart on the line. Similarly with Ethan, his divorce is yet to be finalized and doesn’t want to mess up their friendship. But when these two get together- sparks fly.


There is plenty of drama to be had with exes and a full range of family drama. But overall I loved these two together and I loved watching Ethan’s (and Tori’s) relationship with his kids. I also loved Ethan’s brother, Logan. He was such a fun character and added a lot of funny moments to the story. Plus getting to catch up with Kat and Brady was also great.



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