Book Reviews

Book Review: Shelter

Title: Shelter

Author: Jay Crownover

Rating: 4 stars


Sutton and Emrys went through something horrifying together and have each had their own way of dealing with what happened. But Emrys decides to come back to the ranch instead of running away from her problems and this is where she confronts Sutton.


Sutton isn’t dealing very well his what happened. He feels misplaced quilt over what happened to him and Emrys and has turned to excessive drinking to take away his problems. But when Emrys comes back into his life things start to change for the both of them.


Sutton is able to pull himself together to be the father he wants to be for his daughter Daye. But their is an undeniable attraction between Sutton and Emrys and they grow closer and finally are able to talk about what happened to them.


But their are other issues that they are dealing with as well as bad things are happening around the town. This book it packed full with drama, intrigue, suspense, adventure and a lovely romance. There is lots to love about this series and I’m always up for a good cowboy adventure.


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