Book Reviews

Book Review: Escape

Title: Escape

Author: Jay Crownover

Rating: 4 stars


Lane Warner and Brynn Fox have been through so much together. They started off as best-friends then follows first loves, family and roommates. They have always carried a torch for each other but there has always been something or someone in their way to each other.


Lane takes off after he sees another man going after Brynn’s affections only for her to follow him to bring him back. No matter who she sees or what she does, Brynn’s heart will always belong to Lane. Lane went to California to visit his brother Sutton and Emrys to get away from everything.


Brynn and Sutton decide to go on a road trip and see some of the sights before going home to Wyoming. But along the way come across some drama and end up helping a teenage boy find his way back to his family, but getting caught in an unwanted adventure.


I also liked getting to catch up with some characters from Denver as well. Overall this was a great series filled with so much drama, suspense, adventure and romance. I love Jay Crownover and she always delivers amazing books.



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