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TV Shows I watched in January

These are the TV shows I watched in February!




I loved this. This was so easy to binge watch and I watched it all in one go, it was so addictive. It was quirky, unexpected and filled with dark humor.




I finally got around to watching Stranger Things and I definitely understand the hype. I don’t typically watch sci-fi or anything like this show but I did really enjoy it. But I will say I much preferred the character scenes rather than the big action scenes (especially in season 2) as this is what I prefer in general.


The acting was great and the child actors were especially great.




It follows the lives of some of the members of the women’s Land Army who are working at the Hoxley estate during World War II.




Set in the 1880’s America, it tells the story of a Western town that is almost entirely run by women as all the able-bodied men were killed in a mining disaster. They are having to protect themselves as a gang threatens to tear the place apart.


I really like the series and it was quite different than what I usually watch.




I have enjoyed watching this, even though there will only be one season. The production quality is great and the story enjoyable.




I’m not sure I how how exactly I feel about this. I always question the historical accuracy of these type of shows and I have seen other productions on Mary Queen of Scots.


This was okay and still very interesting.




The story details the effects of World War I in Ireland and then the following rebellion. I found the history very interesting and the story was good.


These are some of the TV shows that I have already started watching and am just catching up on new seasons!




I am loving the new episodes of Riverdale. I always get excited when I new episode comes on every week. There is the right amount of teen drama and mystery plus I like all the characters.



Season 6 part 2 was finally updated on Netflix. I love Suits as it deals with Mike trying to find a job after prison. Plus there is a way where he might be able to sit for the Bar, but only for something in exchange.




I love the new episodes and this show is a delight to watch. It’s quirky and fun but also deals with important issues like mental health.




This is a nice, easy show to watch and is perfect for something to watch in the background. Not a lot happens but it is still nice to watch.




The first season ended up being something that I wasn’t expecting and it wasn’t my favourite. But I wanted to see what the second season was like.


I liked the second season a lot more and overall it was enjoyable to watch. The group get back together to discover the truth of the real murderer as one of their own is the accused.

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