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Book Review: Stumbling Into Love

Title: Stumbling Into Love

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Rating: 4 stars


Mackenzie or Mac has been stood up for a date after putting herself back out there after her two year crush was not returned. Mackenzie runs into Wesley at the restaurant and end up enjoying the evening and the night together. Mackenzie is unsure what to do the next morning and ends up running out but she forgets her phone and therefore thinks of an elaborate scheme to get it make until to run into Wesley.


Wesley isn’t going to let Mackenzie get away that easily especially since his best friend is dating her sister. Wesley and Mackenzie have amazing chemistry but she is scared of getting her heartbroken and he has troubles opening up about his past.


Even though they have a lot to overcome, ultimately they really like each other. This book was enjoyable to read and the characters were great. ARR is always great at writing easy to read romantic stories with an alpha male and a great female lead.


I am so excited to read the next book in the series and can’t wait to see how it tuns out.



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