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Book Review: Look the Part

Title: Look the Part

Author: Jewel E. Ann

Rating: 5 stars


“There’s something thrilling, even a little forbidden, about a man in a perfectly-tailored suit. Flint Hopkins wears the hell out of a three-piece suit.”


This book blew me away, and I loved it. I have wanted to read Jewel E. Ann for a while now but I have never gotten around to it yet. This is something that I can’t explain but I will definitely be reading more of her books.


You are given a glimpse of Flint’s life in the prologue, after a birthday celebration ends in tragedy Flint is still paying for the sins of his past even ten years later.


Flint Hopkins is an uptight and serious lawyer with a long suffering assistant Amanda who gets fired on a daily basis. He is also a single father to his twelve year old son Harrison who is mildly autistic. Flint is looking to rent out the space above his office, this is where we meet Ellen Rogers.


Ellen is a music therapist and has just moved to Minneapolis. She has just signed a lease for the space above Flint’s office, but the noise drifting downstairs drives Flint crazy.


“She’s a music therapist, Flint. Please tell me you assumed music would be involved? Otherwise, I’m embarrassed for you.”


“This isn’t going to work.”

“But seriously…you have to tell me what you thought a music therapist does.”

“Comfy sofas and relaxing music played through noise-cancelling headphones.”

She smirks “You should have done an internet search.Lots of videos showing exactly what happens at a music therapist’s office. I’m a little surprised this one slid by you.”


Therefore after being there only a short time Ellen has been served an eviction notice. The only problem, his son has taken a shine to Ellen who teaches him to play the guitar, something he is very gifted at. And this is just the beginning. With multiple eviction notices and the never ending push and pull of their relationship, these two will have you hooked.


This book has you laughing out loud (something that I don’t often do) and then crying the next minute. It was the perfect blend of emotions as these two very different people navigate a relationship that both makes you smile and then breaks your heart the next.


Overall this book was ‘fantastic’ (a reference if you’ve read the book) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book was funny, emotional, entertaining, heartbreaking and heartwarming and I definitely recommend it.




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