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Book Review: Bad For You

Title: Bad For You

Author: J. Daniels

Rating: 5 stars


I liked the first two books in the series but this one was definitely something special.


Sean also known as ‘Stitch’ is the cook at Whitecaps cafe which also happens to be where Shayla is a waitress. Sean is broody and keeps to himself and ever since I first met him I have been intrigued and so has Shay. shay is fun, outgoing and personable, the complete opposite of Sean. Although Shay is working as a waitress she is also following her dreams by opening up her own salon.


When her family needs her help, Shay’s life is turned upside down. but she finds help in the most surprising of places, Sean. Sean can’t help but reach out when he saw Shay was in need of some assistance.


Shayla really opened up to Sean but he blew her off, but she soon comes to realize that he did this for a reason. Sean has always liked Shay but because of his past he feels undeserving and unworthy of love. He group in a way that he was constantly told that he was unwanted and unloved and nothing much has gone right for him- never completely healed from his past.


“He didn’t feel worthy. And he was absolutely worthy. Not just of me, but of everything good this world had to offer him. Of love. Of Kindness. And I was going to make sure he knew that for good.”


Hearing of Sean’s past completely tore my heart in two as he is such an amazing person. Shay is the best person for Sean as she makes him feel wanted and worthy. She fought for Sean and always had his back even though she had a lot going on in her own life. But Sean becomes the most important thing to her.


“Let yourself feel that love, Sean,” she whispered. “Take it in. Let it fill you.”


The story was filled with romance but there was also a lot of time spent building a friendship and Sean’s healing. There was definite slow burn but when these two decide to be together though, it was epic. Overall the story was beautiful and I can’t wait to read Nate and Jenna’s story.



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