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Book Review: Wrapped Up in You

Title: Wrapped Up in You

Author: Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Rating: 4 stars


Vaughn and Carter have been together for three years now. But because Vaughn is an ER doctor, he is working most holidays so they don’t get to spend the time together like they want, except for this Valentine’s Day. Vaughn has a surprise for Carter who loves the holidays and they spend the day together where they reminisce about how they first got together.


“love of my life. The reality of you is better than anything I could’ve dreamed. Before you, I didn’t need anyone to feel complete.”


Carter meets Vaughn (or Dr. Bennett) when he needs to get stitches after a football accident. They end up meeting again by accident at the movie theaters where they end up on an impromptu date and as they say the rest is history. Fast forward three years later they are still so much in love.


I really enjoyed this story, it was short and oh so sweet. There was so much love and it was great getting to see Vaughn and Carter and I enjoyed getting to know how they meet.


Plus at the end you get excerpts of both authors new books. I can’t believe Brooke left us there, I want to know what happens to Reid (now I have to wait to February). I also can’t wait for Robbie’s story. So many good things coming up for some of my favourite authors.


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