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Book Review: The Bitterroot Inn

Title: The Bitterroot Inn

Author: Devney Perry

Rating: 4.5 stars


The Bitterroot Inn is the last book in the Jamison Valley series and I just need to take some time to say goodbye. This has been a great series filled with small-town charm, filled with swoon worthy men and strong female characters. Devney Perry was a great discovery last year and I will be interested to see what she writes next. Plus it’s great getting to interact with all the characters that we know and love.


Maisy is a single mother and fairly new owner of Prescott’s motel, The Bitterrroot Inn. Maisy is as happy as she can be considering she is still living with the consequences of killing the father of her son, Coby for her own survival. The motel is her saving grace and acts a way to keep her distracted by keeping busy. Masiy has watched as all her friends find their special someones and it’s something that she wants for herself. But not until she can find the right guy to trust for her and Coby. Enter Hunter Faraday.


Hunter is staying at the Inn while his house is finished being built. From the start you know that Hunter is going to be the guy for Maisy but there is an air of mystery that surrounds him. Hunter isn’t very forthcoming about his past and we know right from the beginning that he is hiding something.


Maisy and Hunter feel a mutual attraction but there is lots that the couple must work on before coming together. Maisy needs to come to trust Hunter even after all the information he is hiding from her. But I love these two together and I also enjoyed watching Hunter develop a relationship with Coby- that was very special.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am sad to see it go. All the books have been great and I can’t wait to see what Devney writes next.



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