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Book Review: Seek

Title: Seek

Author: Mia Sheridan

Rating: 5 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


“Light caught the water on her skin, making it sparkle. She was sunshine. Warm and bright, too sweet for this cruel, dirty world. Too good.”


Seek is a fast paced, action-packed and steamy romance. Olivia Barton is on a mission to find her missing fiance who she managed to track down in Columbia after a natural disaster struck the area. Olivia is after answers and possibly closure not being able to rest until she knows the truth. In order to find him, she hires a mercenary and ex Navy Seal by the name of Thomas as a guide and protector for the uncertainties of the Colombian terrain.


They come across many dangerous criminals along the way that is seems that Olivia’s plan to find her fiance can seem like it might be a mistake. But through the many tough times Olivia and Thomas face together, something develops between the two. Thomas is very closed off due to his childhood but he finds himself opening up to Olivia as they share the same desire for a family as it something they didn’t have as children.


“For a moment, there had been something between us, full and weighty, something I didn’t know how to define because I’d never experienced it before.”


The two share undeniable passion but how can it lead to anything more when Olivia is on the journey to find her missing fiance? But there is more to come as a bombshell is dropped that I had no hope of predicting. Not everything is what it seems.


“But sitting there in that quiet house on the ocean a world away from all I was familiar with, one thing was certain in my mind: I didn’t regret loving Brody Thomas. And I never would.”


This was a grittier read by Mia Sheridan that reads differently to her usual books but still delivers an amazing story. I loved how at the end we were reunited with a much loved character from one of Mia’s early stories. It just made me smile so much.  I love Mia’s writing and there is so much love between her characters that made for a real enjoyable read filled with action, suspense and plenty of romance.


“That truth had finally made itself fully known last night as I’d given myself wholly and completely to another man—not just my body, but my heart, shared myself in a way I’d never shared myself before. A man who lived anywhere and everywhere, a man who wasn’t available to me, but a man I was in love with all the same.”


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