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Book Review: Midnight Blue

Title: Midnight Blue

Author: L.J. Shen

Rating: 4.5 ‘Stardust’ stars


This is a rockstar romance filled with angst, beautifully broken characters and steamy romance. The story is gripping as these two characters argue their way to romance. L.J. Shen is great at writing complicated men who act like assholes but underneath are great men and Alex Winslow is no exception.


“Alex Winslow was a tornado, impacting everything and everyone on his way to destruction.”


Alex has a reputation of being a bad-boy rockstar, he’s beautifully broken and damaged. He is a recovering addict, cynical, broken and determined to make others suffer with him. When his self destructive behaviour threatens to destroy his career unless he gets back on track, his team hires him a babysitter to help him stay sober. The babysitter is in the form of a young and beautiful woman, Indigo Bellamy who is desperate to save her family from poverty.


Indie isn’t exactly thrilled to be babysitting a spoiled rockstar following him on tour for three months. But her family is in desperate for money and she is being offered a ridiculous amount of money. Alex is determined to seduce her where she is determined to resist his charm.


“Alex Winslow was beautiful in a way storms were—only from afar. Just like them, he had the power to sweep and ruin you, two things I was too busy surviving to entertain.”


These two instantly conflict but there is no denying their chemistry. They share a witty banter, antagonistic arguments and a connection that burns through the pages. Although Indie is young and inexperienced, she is able to stand up for herself which is essential for her interactions with Alex who is rude, crude and gives offense.



“When I look at you, I see something broken that isn’t worth fixing. And you look at me like I’m a cheap thing to replace the expensive one that’s been stolen from you. See, we’re all vases. And you’re the one scattered on the floor, shattered beyond repair. So I’ll let someone else pick you up. It’s really that simple. Have fun with your temporary glue.”


This was filled with plenty of angst, slow burn and many twists that you had to keep reading. This is a great rockstar romance and one of my favourite of the genre. I felt many conflicting emotions and there was always plenty happening to keep me entertained. It was great seeing these two characters come together, especially after they’ve been through so much and have overcome just as much.



“She was my muse. She was my life. She was my all.”


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