Book Reviews

Book Review: Brave

Title: Brave

Author: Tammara Webber

Rating: 4 stars


It has been more than two years since the last book in the Contours of the Heart series but Erin McIntyre is still a character I remember. Erin has finished University and has started working for her Dad at his construction/custom home company. Erin had plans for her future that didn’t include working for her father in a position created just for her. But Erin wants to prove herself to her father to the people around her including her new boss Isaac Maat.


Erin finds herself attracted to Isaac which annoys her as he can be quite standoffish to her. But Erin soon proves herself in customer relations by getting the most difficult people to cooperate to be able to complete the custom homes. She listens to people giving her psychology degree to good use to understand the needs of the client. She is able to work with people to get the results needed where others have failed.


The relationship between Erin and Isaac only really develops in the last 30% of the novel where they develop an understanding and tell each other of their mutual attraction. But she is his bosses daughter and he is her boss, but there is something else holding Isaac back.


Overall I did really enjoy the book but I would have liked to see more romance. For me there wasn’t enough build up to make it a true slow-burn romance. But I did enjoy the two as a couple and they complemented each other well.




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