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Book Review: Three Blind Dates

Title: Three Blind Dates

Author: Meghan Quinn

Rating: 4.5 stars


Meghan Quinn is great at romantic comedies and when I heard this particular one was inspired by You’ve Got Mail, I knew I had to read it.


“Have you ever seen You’ve Got Mail, the best romantic comedy ever produced? If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing and go watch it now. I’m not kidding, go watch it.”


This is a fun-loving, heart-warming story that involves three incredibly gorgeous men who know how to treat a women right. This makes it stand out as there are three incredible men and you love all of them. Most of the time there is one stand out guy. Usually when reading romance you know who the heroine is going to end up but I was left guessing throughout the novel, although I did have my suspicions.


Noely is the co-host of Good Morning, Malibu but she is looking for more than just her career. Therefore she decides to join a dating service, as she hasn’t had any luck on her own. Going in Blind, endeavors to set her up with the perfect match by creating the perfect setting for a date at their own restaurant. Matches are made on emotional and personality compatibility. The service plans to give you your perfect match first off, but in case it’s unsuccessful, the service works to find you the next best thing. This is how we meet The Suit (Jack), The Rebel (Beck) and The Jock (Hayden). All these guys have something different to offer Noley, let the dating begin.


All these guys were charming in their own ways and it was hard too choose which guy I liked the most. There were three blind dates but they didn’t end the way Noley expected. She connected with all of them but they all had their own issues as well. But in comes a mystery man, or is it one of her dates trying to woo her like ‘Joe Fox‘.


This was a sweet read and I loved the influences of You’ve Got Mail as it is one of my favourite movies. It seems I always start off my year with a great read by Meghan Quinn. I am glad that the two guys who Noley didn’t end up with will be getting their own stories- I can’t wait!


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