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Book Review: The Long Way Home

Title: The Long Way Home

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 4 stars


Clarey Calhoun is taking a long bus ride from college to go back home to attend her best friend’s wedding. As soon as she steps on the bus only to find the only available seat is next to Ford McInerney. One of Ford’s brothers is the groom and the other is her ex-boyfriend- the one that cheated on her.


Ford has been in love with Clarey for most of his life but she was his older brother’s girlfriend. But now he has a chance to talk to her and clear the air a little about what happened between them.


Clarey and Ford are given a chance to reveal the truth about the past and talk about their feelings for each other. Clarey is able to see Ford for who he truly is and has always been.


Even though it was short, you were able to capture a full depth of feelings and the characters were well hashed out. I have really enjoyed these bite sized romances by Katy Regnery. She is a favourite author of mine and I definitely wouldn’t complain if she were to write more in this bite sized series.



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