Book Reviews

Book Review: Roomies

Title: Roomies

Author: Christina Lauren

Rating: 4 stars


Holland meets Calvin at the subway station. She is captivated by his music and goes out of her way to listen to him when ever she can. It’s become a bit of an obsession for her. Holland works in Broadway, even though she’s not musical, she does have a good ear for it.


Her uncle Robert is a looking for a new musician for one of his shows, Holland instantly thinks of Calvin. Calvin is exceptionally talented and this job is a dream come true for him. But he can’t take it as he is in the US illegally from Ireland after over staying his visa. Someone suggests that she marry him as bit of a joke but thinking through all the pros and cons, it’s something she wants to do.


“I’ve never met anyone who loved my playing enough to want to put a ring on it.”


This book was a lot of fun and a delight to read. You can tell Holland and Calvin have feelings for each other, but their ‘fake’ marriage makes things complicated. But you rooted for this couple and wanted them to be together. After they got over the hurdle of discussing their feelings things started to improve but the immigration office was looming in the background. I love the ‘marriage of convenience’ troupe and this one added a new spin on the story.


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