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Book Review: Christmas With a Prince

Title: Christmas With a Prince

Author: Noelle Adams

Rating: 4 stars


April is a reformed party girl after her father had a heart attack three years ago. April is determined to stay sober by attending regular AA meetings. She also headlines a literacy group at the local community center for children where she volunteers. This is where she meets Henry.


Henry is volunteering at the community center, but April isn’t too happy about this to begin with. He was vetted by the higher ups due to his connections. April finds Henry attractive but also sees him as obnoxious. But Henry is persistent and he really likes April and they end up spending a lot of time together.


However things get complicated when she finds out who he really is. She wonders at his motives, especially because her family is wealthy and his isn’t. Does he really love her? And can she really be a princess?


I have really enjoyed this series. Henry is sweet and dependable and makes a great match with April. This is a great conclusion to the Rothman Royal series and was great getting to see Henry interact with his sisters.



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