Book Reviews

Book Review: Almost Midnight

Title: Almost Midnight

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 3.25 stars


Midnights- 3.5 stars

Mags and Noel have become friends after spending consecutive new years eve together. They have been friends for a while and since finishing school Noel has moved to University and Mags has stayed in town as she was given a scholarship. But come new years eve they always go to the same party. But this new years is different and a kiss might be involved.


Kindred Spirits- 3 stars

Elena joins Gabe and Troy in line for the new Star Wars movie, camping out days before the movie comes out. The line isn’t anything like Elena expected but then she gets to know the people in the line better. I have never seen Stars Wars and have no intention of seeing Star Wars, so I couldn’t exactly relate. I much preferred the made up fandom like in Fangirl.



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