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My Thoughts on Kindle Unlimited 2017


“I saved $290.46 by having Kindle Unlimited in 2017.”


I was very excited when I heard Australia was getting Kindle Unlimited (KU). I read a lot of books, therefore I believed KU was a perfect match for me. In January 2017 I got a free trial of KU when I signed up. I read 15 books with KU that month that came to the total cost of $47.44. Seeing that I got a total of almost $50 worth of books I then decided that $13.99 a month seemed like a good deal.


Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service which allow you to read as many books as you want from a large selection of books. You you first sign up you get a 30-day free trial. I would recommend using this free trial to see if the service is right for you (you want to make sure you read over $13.99 value of books- you’re looking at reading at least 3-5 books a month as a minimum.


Once you have subscribed you can choose up to 10 books to borrow at time from a large selection of books. These books will show “read for $0.00 on Kindle Unlimited”. I have had no trouble finding books that I want to read and many of my top favourite authors have their books on KU. Just to put in persective I read 122 books on KU in 2017 and 40 out of my 60 favourite highly rated books (4.5-5 stars) were from KU.


The important question is, ‘is this service really worth it’? This depends on how much you read and what you read. I read a lot of romance and many of my favourite authors are self-published or indie authors. I have read that this type of author, offers a large selection of books on KU. So for me this is perfect. However, there may not be a large selection of more ‘mainstream’ books, but the offerings on KU vary and is always changing.


Therefore, if you’re curious about KU I recommend getting the free trial and figuring out for yourself if this is the service for you. Also you do have to have to read from a Kindle (bu that is a given). To have KU for a year in Australia it will cost $167.88.


Below I have made a table of all the books I read this year and compared it to the books I read on KU. As you can see I got my value for money and I ended up saving $290.46 ($13.99 x 11 months including 30 day free trail). I read 235 books this year and 122 of them were on KU. Therefore I read just over half the books I read this year on KU.


So for me there is no question that I will be continuing with the service in 2018. You can find some amazing authors and books on offer in KU, you only have to look.



Happy reading!



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