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Book Review: Full Tilt

Title: Full Tilt

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 5 stars


“Full tilt (n) (poker): Playing emotionally instead of rationally; making impassioned rather than logical decisions.”


This book has been on my reading list since it was first published last year. I wanted to wait to read the books together and for some reason (I have no idea why) I waited even more. Emma Scott is one of my favourite authors (all of her books are 5 star reads for me) so I don’t know why I waited so long to read this. But now that I have, I see why it is so loved.


Jonah is an artist who works with glass and a part-time limo driver. He has a goal he is working towards and a schedule that he always keeps. He doesn’t let anything interrupt that schedule, that is until Kacey comes along.


Kacey is in a rock band and lives impulsively not really knowing what she is doing. She wakes up on Jonah’s couch after a crazy night at the club where her band was playing. Jonah was genuinely a good guy and Kacey saw this. Spending time with Jonah makes her want to do more with her life and thus she stays in Las Vegas instead of going on tour with her band.


“I didn’t know it then—I couldn’t have—but in that moment, the rest of my life, or what was left of it, began.”


Jonah and Kacey get to know each other and grow closer and closer, not being able to resist each other Jonah and Kacey soon become everything for each other, sharing a deep love. Kacey notices the changes she is making, wanting to be a better person for Jonah. Kacey is breathing life into Jonah, giving him the love that he never thought possible in this stage of his love.


“Not yet. Not tonight. We might not have months or years, but we have moments. Thousands upon thousands of them. Let’s take each moment, seize it and wring it dry. Okay?”


Overall, this book was beautiful, emotional and truly mesmerizing. I love Emma Scott’s writing and her storytelling is inspiring. I will be looking forward to reading the conclusion of this duet even though I’m sure it will be heartbreaking.


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