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Book Review: Shear Heaven

Title: Shear Heaven

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 5 stars


I love Katy Regnery’s fairytale retelling and are among one of my favourite series. Therefore, this fairytale based on Rapunzel is a must read.


Bella is working late when Nico (an Italian Prince and Lawyer) comes in frantically searching for someone to help his sister Valentina get ready for her engagement party. Bella uses her skills as a hairstylist to help Valentina to get ready. Nico cannot help how drawn he is to Bella but he is practically promised to someone else.


Bella feels attracted to Nico but her Godmother doesn’t let her date guests of the hotel she works at. But they end up spending time together with no expectations for the future. However they didn’t factor in that they would fall in love.


They have so much in common and none of the circumstances that they face can keep a love like theirs apart. The book was beautiful and for a shorter story, it really packed a punch full of emotion and heart. The book was inspiring and wonderfully written.


I was captivated from the very first page and completely drawn in. Nico and Bella had such chemistry and I loved watching their relationship. There was so much emotion and heart in this book and I loved every moment. Katy Regnery is at her best with this series and I can’t wait to read more.



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