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Book Review: Coundown to Midnight

Title: Countdown to Midnight

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 4 stars


This was an enjoyable read and I really appreciated getting to reconnect with these characters again. This is a novella about two of the Story sisters and two of the Atwell brothers, as they meet unexpectedly and bring in the new year together, finding romance along the way.


Elizabeth and Jane Story are making their way to a ski resort to bring in the new year only to discover that the room they reserved has been double booked. Merit and Amity Atwell are only ‘too happy’ to offer their room to the Story sisters once Amity realizes that he knows Jane from Harvard. Merit isn’t too happy as he clashes with Elizabeth but he wants to make his brother happy.


Jane and Amity were at Harvard together both interested in pediatrics. Amity is more than happy to renew his acquaintance as he considers Jane ‘the one who got away’. Thus leaving bar-owner Merit and Lawyer Elizabeth with too much time on their hands as they discover they knew each other way back when and settling a misunderstanding.


It was great getting to celebrate New Years with these couples. Jane and Amity made a really cute couple and Elizabeth and Merit bring the heat. The two couples were so different but both delivered the romance.



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