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Book Review: True

Title: True

Author: Ella Frank

Rating: 5 stars


These books have been a consistent favourite of mine and I wasn’t disappointed to the final addition to the series, although it is hard to day goodbye to such beloved characters. I loved Tate and Logan through all they’ve been together and are one of my favourite couples.


We start exactly where we left off in the previous book, at the winery for Logan’s birthday. Tate is finally ready to say YES. Soon after they are telling their family and then comes planning the wedding. But the real story is their relationship.


Tate and Logan have been through many ups and downs as they navigate a way to their very own happily ever after. These two deserve every happiness that they get, I have laughed and cried with them as we have gone through every emotion together.


Tate and Logan have each others back through thick or thin and are always there for each other no matter what. Their romance is truly one of the kind and I just love them so much. They really melt your heart about how much they love each other.


What makes this series great (apart from Tate and Logan of course) is the cast of supporting characters. I love Logan and Cole’s relationship- they just knew each other so well and are always looking out for each other. Rachel is also great along with Tate’s Dad Will.


There is so much to love about this series and it is one of my favourites. Tate and Logan have won my heart over. There have been many tears, heartache, ups and downs, acceptance, trying, taking, trusting and loving- their journey was truly remarkable. These are the sorts of characters that stay with you for a long while.


It’s hard saying goodbye to such monumental characters but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading their story.



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